Sinar Alvarado

Valledupar , 1977

Sinar Alvarado (Valledupar, 1977) is a writer and freelance journalist. His articles and journalistic pieces have been published by Gatopardo, SoHo, Semana, Orsai, El Malpensante, Travesías and Esquire. His book Retrato de un caníbal won the Premio de Periodismo de Investigación awarded by Random House Mondadori. He belongs to the group Nuevos Cronistas de Indias and has taught workshops on journalism for Bigott, Cadena Capriles, the journal El Universal, the University of  Zulia and the Colegio Nacional de Periodistas, in Venezuela. Several of his texts have been included in collections and anthologies. He is currently finishing a new non-fiction book.